Tapenade serve 2

Garlicky Olive & Sunblushed Tomato Tapenade

Bursting with plump salty olives and the juicy sweetness of sun blushed tomatoes, this tapenade is exceptionally delicious and so versatile… I consider myself fortunate not to have a sweet tooth, that would be far too dangerous for my waistline, but I am a savoury girl. Especially so when I’ve had a glass of wine! […] Read more…

Spicy Prawns serve in pan

Spicy Prawns with Chorizo & Lentils

This Spanish style recipe evokes cheerful memories of tapas bars, with sweet succulent prawns, smoky chorizo and juicy roasted red peppers… I like to eat as much fish as I can, and find prawns so wonderfully versatile. In this dish they are a tender, juicy addition, and a protein hit, alongside the lentils. If you […] Read more…