healthy snack

nut butter flapjack serve 5

Healthy Nut Butter & Strawberry Flapjack

A reassuringly healthy flapjack packed full of oats, held together with heavenly nut butter and with the sweetest hint of strawberries…. Flapjack is notoriously high in fat and sugars, because it’s usually loaded with golden syrup to hold it all together. In this recipe I use nut butter combined with coconut oil and honey to […] Read more…

falafel serve 1

Baked Sweet Potato & Chickpea Falafel

These fantastically moreish chickpea and sweet potato falafel are packed full of fabulous flavour. Crispy outside with a soft, aromatic centre and delicious eaten hot or cold… This is a variation of the classic falafel recipe, using sweet potato and beautiful, warm, aromatic spices. I do still use chickpeas, as an attempt to stay loyal […] Read more…

Harissa chickpeas salad serve 1

Aromatic & Spicy Harissa Roasted Chickpeas

Protein powerhouse chickpeas, covered in a smoky, spicy harissa coating and roasted until addictively crunchy and deliciously fragrant…. These crunchy little nuggets of yumminess make a perfect healthy snack, but also an insanely delicious protein hit for your lunch or dinner. The harissa coating adds an aromatic spiciness, ensuring an abundance of flavours in each mouthful. […] Read more…