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What to order for a healthy brunch?

How do we make healthy choices when ordering, especially when brunch is basically breakfast and lunch at the same time? Thankfully, it’s easier than you think. Going out for brunch, or breakfast, is big business. Before the pandemic, data produced by Open Table showed that bookings for brunch were up 65% over a two-year period. […] Read more…

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Goats Cheese, Sweet Potato & Broccoli Frittata

If you love eggs, and have leftover veggies in the fridge, then this delicious, healthy Frittata recipe is perfect for you. Another delicious recipe, that packs a nutritional punch, with fabulous sweet potato, broccoli and creamy goats cheese. Eggs are so versatile, and this frittata is just another way of incorporating these protein packed little […] Read more…