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nut butter flapjack serve 5

Healthy Nut Butter & Strawberry Flapjack

A reassuringly healthy flapjack packed full of oats, held together with heavenly nut butter and with the sweetest hint of strawberries…. Flapjack is notoriously high in fat and sugars, because it’s usually loaded with golden syrup to hold it all together. In this recipe I use nut butter combined with coconut oil and honey to […] Read more…

Granola Bars flowers

Honey Nut & Seed Granola Bars Recipe

These nutty granola bars are the perfect after school snack for the kids, or a great post-workout refuel. They are deliciously chewy, and have a beautiful hint of sweetness from the honey…. Protein packed, with plenty of nuts and seeds, and a great slow release carbohydrate hit from the fabulously nutritious oats. Granola bars are […] Read more…