Coconut muffins with raspberries serve 9

Summery Coconut Muffins with Raspberries

These moist muffins are the pure taste of summer! Tropical coconut base studded with the sweetest summer raspberries … My kids haven’t had a homemade sweet treat for a while; so today I whipped up a batch of these amazing tropical inspired muffins. Raspberries are so good at the moment; they were an obvious choice […] Read more…

coconut overnight oats serve 4

Coconut & Strawberry Overnight Chia Oats

Creamy coconut milk, sweet strawberries and frozen bananas combined with oats to make this amazingly nutritious breakfast, ready to eat as soon as you wake up in the morning… This is a variation, or dare I say improvement, on the previous overnight oats recipe on my blog. These oats have a natural sweetness thanks to […] Read more…

macadamia butter serve 2

Creamy Macadamia and Coconut Butter

Creamy Macadamia nuts and tropical coconut flakes are combined to make this deliciously smooth nut butter, a great alternative if you want to mix things up… Natural nut butters seem to have reached ‘Rock Star’ status in the world of healthy eating, and I am a huge fan. While conscious of the fact that all […] Read more…