butternut squash

Lentils & Squash Salad serve 3

Roasted Squash & Rocket Salad with Puy Lentils

This is such a filling salad, with the sweetness of roasted butternut squash, earthy lentils, peppery rocket and smooth, salty feta cheese…. During the summer I often eat salads for my main meal, and as such need to make sure they’re filling. Otherwise I’ll be heading for the snacks and ultimately undoing all my good work! […] Read more…

Butternut Squash serve 5

Creamy Butternut Squash & Coconut Soup

Delicious roasted butternut squash and carrot along with coconut milk, make this sweet, creamy soup a fantastically tasty addition to any lunch repertoire… When making soups I prefer to roast the vegetables as I think it brings out so much more of their natural flavour, as well as a sweetness that only roasting seems to […] Read more…