Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

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Creamy Homemade Nut Butter Recipe

Deliciously creamy and full of natural goodness. Homemade nut butter is so simple to make and will be an absolute treat on your toast or on a spoon straight from the jar… Nut butters, of any kind, really are incredibly easy to make. Needing only 2 ingredients, and a little patience, I promise that the […] Read more…

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Crunchy Chocolate and Nut Biscotti

I love coffee, fact. The one thing that can make coffee better, is when it’s accompanied by a fabulously nutty biscotti…. I wouldn’t eat biscotti everyday, but as a weekend treat to go with my favourite latte they are perfect. Disclaimer: This recipe does contain sugar, but a far less amount than compared to other […] Read more…

Granola Bars flowers

Honey Nut & Seed Granola Bars Recipe

These nutty granola bars are the perfect after school snack for the kids, or a great post-workout refuel. They are deliciously chewy, and have a beautiful hint of sweetness from the honey…. Protein packed, with plenty of nuts and seeds, and a great slow release carbohydrate hit from the fabulously nutritious oats. Granola bars are […] Read more…

Almond Shortbread 2 Plate

Almond Biscuit, Berry & Cream Cups

Valentines Day calls for pretty, sweet treats! These Almond Biscuit Cups are perfect filled with freshly whipped cream and juicy, succulent ripe fruits… Not having a sweet tooth, I am not much of a dessert, or sweet treat fan, however, these almond cups are a bit of a mix between a pastry and a biscuit. […] Read more…

Gin Cupcake individual serve

Gin & Tonic Cupcakes, Moist & Zingy Treat!

Moist and light, gin and tonic laced cake, and a zingy, creamy, gin infused icing to lavishly top this decadent treat off…delicious! My gin-loving friend has a birthday this weekend, so we are off out tonight for cocktails and sushi. Can’t wait for a relaxed night with lovely friends and great food, washed down with a […] Read more…

banana bread serve 3

Banana and Gooey Chocolate Bread

This moist, gooey banana and chocolate bread is perfect with a cup of coffee, or for treating the kids at weekends or after school…. I love to be able to give my kids an after school treat towards the end of the week, and this yummy banana and chocolate bread does just the job. It […] Read more…

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