hot sour prawn noodle soup serve 1

Hot & Sour Prawn Rice Noodle Soup

A quick and easy soup filled with amazing hot and sour Asian flavours, with plump juicy prawns and fresh rice noodles…. I know the sun has just made an appearance and soup is probably the last thing you feel like eating when it’s lovely and warm, but this soup is just the lightest and most […] Read more…

Spicy Prawns serve in pan

Spicy Prawns with Chorizo & Lentils

This Spanish style recipe evokes cheerful memories of tapas bars, with sweet succulent prawns, smoky chorizo and juicy roasted red peppers… I like to eat as much fish as I can, and find prawns so wonderfully versatile. In this dish they are a tender, juicy addition, and a protein hit, alongside the lentils. If you […] Read more…