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cashew nut butter toast serve hold 2

Creamy Homemade Nut Butter Recipe

Deliciously creamy and full of natural goodness. Homemade nut butter is so simple to make and will be an absolute treat on your toast or on a spoon straight from the jar… Nut butters, of any kind, really are incredibly easy to make. Needing only 2 ingredients, and a little patience, I promise that the […] Read more…

melon salad serve

Refreshing Melon, Mozzarella & Avocado Salad

This melon salad is so refreshing and light. Accompanied by mini mozzarella balls, creamy avocado & deliciously salty prosciutto… Possibly more relevant to the summer months, I still love this salad at any time during the year. It’s really delicious on its own as a light lunch, or great as a side dish to your […] Read more…

Vietnamese Chicken Salad serve 2

Vietnamese Style Chicken Noodle Salad

Despite still being in the throes of winter, my need for salad never fades. This is my take on a Vietnamese Chicken Salad, but be warned, it’s devilishly moorish! Living in Sydney’s Northern Suburbs for a few years, really opened my eyes to the amazing flavours Asian food has to offer. Fantastic restaurants, of Asian […] Read more…

Avo Houmous in bowl

Creamy Avocado Houmous Recipe

 Two of my favourite things combined together to make this amazing Avocado Houmous. Creamy, buttery deliciousness with just a hint of zingy lime…. Making your own houmous is just so easy, it literally takes a few minutes, and the taste is far superior to any you can buy ready made. This is such a versatile […] Read more…

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