Tapenade serve 2

Garlicky Olive & Sunblushed Tomato Tapenade

Bursting with plump salty olives and the juicy sweetness of sun blushed tomatoes, this tapenade is exceptionally delicious and so versatile… I consider myself fortunate not to have a sweet tooth, that would be far too dangerous for my waistline, but I am a savoury girl. Especially so when I’ve had a glass of wine! […] Read more…

Dips presented

Moorish Homemade Dips Recipes

Roasted Red Pepper & Cashew Nut and Layered Houmous dips, perfect for weekend drinks… I have people coming to stay this weekend, and so want to put out some fab dips and nibbles to go with drinks, to tide them over until dinner is ready.   Buying ready-made dips is never quite the same. Sometimes […] Read more…