Salads and Sides

Salads and Sides

Fresh Figs Salad serve 1

Sweet Fresh Figs & Creamy Goats Cheese Salad

This is a dreamy combination of sweet, juicy fresh figs and smooth creamy goats cheese, lightly coated in a tangy apple cider vinegar dressing…. All this beautiful sunny weather has really got me in the mood for salads, more so than usual, which is a lot! I love a salad like this one that is […] Read more…

Freekeh salad serve 1

Warm Freekeh, Quinoa & Butternut Squash Salad

A delicious warm freekeh and quinoa salad full of beautifully contrasting flavours and textures, perfect on its own or as a side… Talking to my Dad this morning, I was telling him about this amazing freekeh salad I was making for lunch today, his reaction was “but it’s not summer yet”! I think it’s a […] Read more…

Tapenade serve 2

Garlicky Olive & Sunblushed Tomato Tapenade

Bursting with plump salty olives and the juicy sweetness of sun blushed tomatoes, this tapenade is exceptionally delicious and so versatile… I consider myself fortunate not to have a sweet tooth, that would be far too dangerous for my waistline, but I am a savoury girl. Especially so when I’ve had a glass of wine! […] Read more…

Butternut Squash serve 5

Creamy Butternut Squash & Coconut Soup

Delicious roasted butternut squash and carrot along with coconut milk, make this sweet, creamy soup a fantastically tasty addition to any lunch repertoire… When making soups I prefer to roast the vegetables as I think it brings out so much more of their natural flavour, as well as a sweetness that only roasting seems to […] Read more…

sun blush tomato pesto serve 1

Quick & Easy Sun Blush Tomato Pesto

Stirred into freshly cooked pasta, lavishly spread onto fish and pizza, or simply used as a dip, this pesto is jam-packed full of delicious, fresh flavours… Pesto has so much flavour, and so many uses, its a weekly staple in our house. I like to use Sun blush tomatoes as they add an amazing depth […] Read more…

melon salad serve

Refreshing Melon, Mozzarella & Avocado Salad

This melon salad is so refreshing and light. Accompanied by mini mozzarella balls, creamy avocado & deliciously salty prosciutto… Possibly more relevant to the summer months, I still love this salad at any time during the year. It’s really delicious on its own as a light lunch, or great as a side dish to your […] Read more…

Vietnamese Chicken Salad serve 2

Vietnamese Style Chicken Noodle Salad

Despite still being in the throes of winter, my need for salad never fades. This is my take on a Vietnamese Chicken Salad, but be warned, it’s devilishly moorish! Living in Sydney’s Northern Suburbs for a few years, really opened my eyes to the amazing flavours Asian food has to offer. Fantastic restaurants, of Asian […] Read more…

Avo Houmous in bowl

Creamy Avocado Houmous Recipe

 Two of my favourite things combined together to make this amazing Avocado Houmous. Creamy, buttery deliciousness with just a hint of zingy lime…. Making your own houmous is just so easy, it literally takes a few minutes, and the taste is far superior to any you can buy ready made. This is such a versatile […] Read more…

Thai green soup serve

Thai Coconut Green Vegetable Soup

This soup tastes incredible! As well as a healthy dose of green veg, it contains coconut milk and some amazing Thai inspired aromatics to pack a real flavor punch…… I love soup. It’s filling, healthy and in this weather, is a much-needed source of warmth and comfort. The beauty of making your own soup is […] Read more…

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